If Someone Really Focuses on the “Inward” Are They Exempt From “Outward” Behavior Checks?

This Q&A is in response to comment along the lines of: If we focus on the inner we don’t need to give any thought to the corresponding outward behavior.

Q. If someone really focuses on the inward, are they exempt from behavior checks?

A. Even if a person is focused on the “inward” it does not follow that correct behavior will be automatic or not require some “outward” discerning & thoughtful correctives. Our inward thoughts affect our outward behavior, but our behavior & practice also affects our thoughts. Jesus told people to clean the inside of the cup so the outside would be clean which was itself an outward influence on the people He was exhorting. The Apostle Paul used written commands to help & correct people in churches, even ones that had amazing manifestations of the Spirit.

And this leads to the conclusion that as individuals and as a group the church community will need to give some thought to its actions & behavior as a double-check that our whole being (heart) is where it ought to be.

(Sometimes here & there questions are raised and sometimes I’ll give a go at trying to formulate an answer to them. If you see a question here, someone raised it.)

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